It is a journey to cleanse your mind – body- heart – gut- karma and to reunite with your soul, ultimately reconnecting with your ancestors and to the great spirit.
If you are ready to open your soul to energy, expand your consciousness and receive deep wisdom and power, this experience is for you. During this spiritual pilgrimage you learn to make deep contact with yourself on a mind – body- heart – soul – spirit level. On this journey you actively reconnect with your ancestors, your soul, gut , chakras and journey to the spirit world with complete guidance. It also is an opportunity to spend the whole day with us; ask, share, all that which truly matters to you. Here you learn to work with the power of your mind & heart. Here you experience the power of silence & the power of shamanic journeys and chantings. Here you feel the healing effect of energy medicine & healing Soul foods. Here you are seen, appreciated & cherished for all that you are. Here you learn to come out of your shell and dance! It is a call to your authenticity!

What we focus on:-

If this speaks to your heart, contact us to receive details about upcoming Retreats/ Pilgrimages.
Please note that Pilgrimages/ Group Retreats are only for people who have worked with us online or in-person. This helps us tokeep the quality of our programs to the highest possible standard. If you are in a burn out / depression and want to BOOK a 1:1 Retreat, please be aware that we will be following a custom made program for you, depending upon the emotional, spiritual state you are in. We will be weaving in many of the above mentioned ceremony’s but the focus will not be in teaching many techniques but on bringing inner peace & life force back to you aswell as offer you a new foundation, so you can take a big step forward in your life.

Group Retreats starts from 2800 € excluding 21% taxes
1:1 Retreat starts from 2800 € excluding 21% taxes
Duration – 3 days
1:1 Retreat starts from 4500 € excluding 21% taxes
Duration – 5 days

If you want to see if we are a good fit for this deep transformational journey together, you can BOOK an INTAKE session by contacting us via email shamanrakhee(at) Please note: There is a deductible fee of €175 for this session.Once you join the program, you will receive the €175 back.

*** We also offer easy installment options, feel free to ask us about it if that works best for you.